Top trends in Social Media Marketing

Top trends in Social Media Marketing

Thanks to
social media, a marketer can
never get boredThe job of marketer generally does not allow him to be bored but developments in social media are always blistering.The changes brought to us lately are quite enough.

1. We begin with the live video streaming. Video has flooded the social feeds across all platforms. The companies cannot be left out of this trend and of course are invited to rethink their strategy. The benefits of live video is that on the one hand achieves stronger and more personal connection with the brand and on the other hand guarantees the lower image quality and sound since it is a video produced on site without technical means and standards.The live video can be used to generate interest in a new product or a new product version, highlighting the culture of a company, to provide live coverage of an event, or even to host live Q & A with customers / your consumers. The possibilities are endless.

2. Ads using slideshow is another new big trend. Made very easily, they combine photos and video and can be extremely exciting and interactive. They are a memorable way of communication that companies will use more and more often. At least until the next big trend

3. The scenery in social media is changing. What does this mean? Basically that social media multiply. The time when a company or organization could be content with a Facebook and a Twitter account belongs to the past. The marketer has to share the time and money in new social networking platforms (Snapchat), in online communities (Slack, Reddit, Medium, etc.) and of course the already existing social networks! In Greece they have not yet experienced tremendous growth, but the trend is coming.

4. The modes of interaction are also changing. The scenery becomes more fluid with Snapchat and Instagram stories which is the next big trend. The Instagram jealous of Snapchat’s glory (which is massively used in America) decided to imitate it, since they could not buy it. So they created Instagram stories, that divided the audience, but it is a new opportunity to promote products, services and companies as this new feature shows up on the user’s screen.

5. If you did not already know, you learn it now. Over 900 million people use Facebook Messenger! WhatsApp has become one of the largest IM apps in the world. Seventy-seven of the top 100 Fortune companies use Slack.

Chatting is no longer only used for private conversations but includes more callers, it is a corporate tool offering great potential in personalized communication. Complicated? Not so. It’s like talking on the phone with many people on the same time.

Because after all, people will never cease communication. The means will change. And as always, people of the marketing are the ones who will have to find imaginative ways of communicating…!