SEO trends for your e-commerce website!

SEO trends for your e-commerce website!

The Search Engine Optimization is one of the best friends of e-commerce. Below you can read all five trends in SEO you should adopt to make this friendship even stronger and more efficient!
Those who are involved with the SEO of your e-shop already know very well that by following appropriate practices, not immediately but over time, you will see a large difference in traffic and hence the number of customers of your e-store.

As all individual elements of an e-commerce strategy change over time and new developments, so is SEO constantly evolving. Trends appear every day, some are temporary and some are more permanent as they lead to measurable results. The trends of the second category, which are worth trying, are presented below.

Long-form content is gaining grounds.

Until recently, the product pages in e-shops are not known for their variety of content hosting, and consist mainly of a title, a short description, some photos and maybe some customer reviews.

This is now changing, as both users and search engines require more rich content! The so-called long-form content offers more information and details, can incorporate long-tail keywords and make an e-shop to stand out from the competition in the results pages of search engines and the preferences of buyers.

Sharing is Caring!

How social is your e-shop? Do you encourage guests to share your content on their social media profiles? If not, then it’s time to become more social… Give your visitors the opportunity to talk about your products where they now rely on for most online discussions, their social media accounts.

This will enhance the visibility of your e-shop, you will gain significant inbound links and will see the presence of the search engines to improve.

Mobile optimization is a must-have.

Smartphones, mainly, but also tablets now work as a means to market research from their users, who begin a search for a product or service with a tap on the screen of their mobile device. So you understand how happy is when they find what they are looking for on an e-shop without having to use a magnifying glass!

Also happy with a mobile optimized website is Google, of course, which especially appreciates the app optimization, consistently provides a gradual increase in e-commerce websites that have their own mobile app.

Video content will continue it’s increasing success!

If you scroll down on your Facebook timeline you will understand that video is currently the most popular form of content! Also, a video can display as rich media in search results (if uploaded to YouTube) and can even cause viral responses.

Time to create and embed video content, in the product pages of e-shop, blog and your social media accounts.

SEO tools become better and better.

There is now a wide range of tools, widgets, third-party apps and add-ons to web design and development platforms that make the on-site optimization easier than ever. Of course, this does not mean that one should confine itself to the use of the above solutions to see results.

You have to use the potential of these tools combined with manual changes, such as the customization elements eg. title tags, navigation etc.

What should you do firstly?

Advances in SEO are so rapid that sometimes you feel troubled following? Nothing to worry about, nor should you feel you must know every detail in order to climb in the ranking of search results.

Just keep these five trends in your mind and see how you can serve your corporate goals.